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Bareknuckle Poet ~ Journal of Letters ISSN 2204 – 0420.

(Formerly Retort Magazine) We favour the cutting edge over the blunt of the handle and the avant-garde over backward walking.

Archived by the National Library of Australia our imprint Bareknuckle Books publishes an annual print anthology of writing previously appearing in the journal.

Publishing on a semi-regular itinerary, we welcome submissions all year round.

“For those who protest that most of these thousands of journals can be dismissed as marginal—that we need pay attention to only a handful of “prestigious” ones, like Poetry and The New Yorker-—may I suggest that there could be a few Blakes or Dickinsons swimming with the guppies in that wide prosodic sea? If a truly titanic poet were to appear, wouldn’t one of the less visible but more adventuresome journals—-Retort Magazine, say (“we favor the cutting edge over the blunt of the handle, the avant-garde over backward walking”)—be more likely to be his or her publisher than would status-conscious professional journals like Ploughshares and American Poetry Review?”

– David Alpaugh, The New Math of Poetry, The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education Washington D.C, U.S.A Feb 21, 2010


All works published by Bareknuckle Poet are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Please submit no more than two of your best previously unpublished poems. You will receive a reply, but please be patient. We receive large numbers of poems for consideration. 

Simultaneous submissions are fine but please inform us if your poem/poems are published elsewhere before you hear from us.

Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters